100 Ways To Be Creative

In 2012 I made a list of inspiration for myself and others. I’ve completed the majority of the items which you can view on my old blog. If you decide to do any of them, I’d love to see your results and hear your thoughts. Enjoy!

  1. Complete an online tutorial you’ve bookmarked for later
  2. Stick googly eyes on inanimate objects
  3. Mix patterns that people say “clash”
  4. Make a list longer than you think you can finish
  5. Share your life and findings via snail mail and the internet
  6. Decorate cupcakes in an awesome way
  7. Try to have a $0 shopping trip due to coupons, sales, etc.
  8. Collect something very specific
  9. Wear a mask, crown (or other headwear) that you made all day
  10. Clear off your entire workspace and reorganize (don’t put anything back in the same spot)
  11. Carry a notebook and pen with you everywhere you go
  12. Fill an entire photo album with anything but photographs
  13. Try to change your handwriting for the length of an entire letter
  14. Utilize free and found materials
  15. Knit something your cat can wear
  16. Map out a descriptive music video for any song
  17. Make a list of things you’re tolerating and then fix them
  18. Use paint chips for anything except what they’re intended for
  19. Have a dress up in costume evening
  20. Wear only black clothing (down to the underwear!) and allow yourself one colored accessory
  21. Use Polaroids or other forms of instant film
  22. Melt crayons
  23. Go somewhere outside specifically to play the cloud game
  24. Write with different color inks
  25. Create your own mandala
  26. Take an illusion type picture
  27. Decorate for every holiday
  28. Add magnetic strips to your make up or other supplies for easy storage/access
  29. Leave a happy note or quote in the copy machine at work
  30. Leave twinkle/Christmas lights up all year round
  31. Use ribbon as a belt (but only if your pants are definitely going to stay up!)
  32. Change the lyrics to a song that you are singing to your pet (about your pet)
  33. Don’t stay seated for too long
  34. Design your own flag
  35. Mail an object not in an envelope or package (as is)
  36. Stay up past your bed time (to keep or start working)
  37. Recreate a photo that you think is beautiful
  38. Make up a story about people you see walking on the street
  39. Do something anyway (even when you don’t have all the supplies)
  40. Choreograph a dance
  41. Make your voicemail something other than “leave me a message and I’ll call you back”
  42. Journal or write something somewhere every day
  43. Make a paper chain to count down to an upcoming event or occasion
  44. Have an art picnic
  45. Select one of the five senses and document everything you experience with that sense for one day
  46. Listen to music instead of watching TV
  47. Decorate a pair of cheap/plain shoes with something wonderful and tacky
  48. Take on an entirely new persona for an evening out (bonus points for an accent)
  49. Decide what you would want to be in a textbook for and then go make sure it happens
  50. Make a mass handmade gift to give everyone for Christmas or some other holiday (personalize each one)
  51. Create a theme for you to follow for a day or a whole week (clothing, speech, activities, etc.)
  52. Make variable and attainable goal lists
  53. Wrap every item of a present individually
  54. Teach someone something (or make your own tutorial)
  55. Celebrate weird and unusual holidays
  56. Write out the alphabet and then the first words that comes to your mind for each letter
  57. Make a mix CD for someone based on their musical interests and include a playlist and a handmade jewel case
  58. Incorporate a daily quote into your routine
  59. Have an unbirthday party for someone
  60. Install some guerilla art for everyone to enjoy
  61. If given the option, choose color
  62. Do the Macarena to a song you don’t know how to dance to
  63. Execute an elaborate Random Act of Kindness (Amélie style)
  64. Spend a day focusing on the similarities between things, people, etc.
  65. Use colored staples from here on out
  66. Decorate the inside of your car
  67. Pull an all nighter
  68. Document the moon for an entire lunar cycle
  69. Take a picture of the same spot every day at the same time
  70. Go a whole day without communicative media and/or technology
  71. Build a fort to work (or play) in
  72. Communicate with someone who you only text with by only images (no words/text)
  73. Use unique lighting (twinkle lights, color filters, etc.)
  74. Decide what should be on a stamp – then make your own artistamps
  75. Incorporate every color of the rainbow into your outfit
  76. Journal for ten minutes straight (never stop writing)
  77. Make your own Halloween costume
  78. Write thank you cards for your friends, family, or coworkers (not for gifts, for anything else)
  79. Have a yard sale where you sell handmade things not (just) junk
  80. Plan a surprise for someone
  81. Bedazzle something
  82. Measure something really large with something that’s not a ruler or other traditional form of measurement
  83. Carve your own rubber stamp
  84. Set an alarm on your phone (or other device) to remind you to celebrate the year anniversary of something special that happened today
  85. Pretend you’re a mermaid for a day
  86. Add food coloring to your meal
  87. Leave nice/anonymous notes for strangers
  88. Make a mural or scene with sidewalk chalk
  89. Frequently change your surroundings
  90. Decorate mirrors with dry erase markers
  91. Wear fancy hair accessories on ordinary days
  92. Make paper snowflakes out of colored paper
  93. Take a road trip somewhere within 90 minutes, but to somewhere you’ve never been before
  94. Create the boundaries of where your ideal state would be on a map, name it, and write down what the state would offer
  95. Create an outdoor natural artwork (using flowers, a rock garden, collection, etc.)
  96. Make your own sketch design (crayons, black paint, scratching)
  97. Go to a party supply store when you have no intention of throwing a party
  98. Document your week in paper scraps
  99. Have a meet up with other people who want to be creative and create a group project or just brainstorm
  100. Explore through a park, forest, or other area of nature