[Throwback to 2013 – to see the 2020 version, click here]

Every month I host a community event, and October’s was supposed to be a flash mob. I made a Facebook event and told all my friends to join me in Baltimore. There was no choreography to memorize, we were just going to bop around to “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett. So on Sunday, I had my tripod set up, boombox prepped, and Beetlejuice leggings on. I waited for people to meet me at the lemonade stand, but they never came. I realized it was just me.

I thought about leaving. I thought about packing everything up and going home. But then I looked at my lime green monster gloves, and thought that it would be stupid to leave. I turned on my camera, pressed play, and danced as rigidly as I could… like a monster.

Do you want to watch the video? Of course you want to watch the video.

Props to my dad for always believing in me and taking off work to come to my events. I didn’t grow up this awesome for no reason.

PS – I would also like to count this as #39 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list. I did something even though I didn’t have all the supplies, the supplies being people.