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A group for people who want to feel good and do good.
let's go
Joy is subjective.
But you can still plan for it.
Your happiest life looks different than anyone else's.

I'm not going to tell you what it's supposed to look like. I'm going to help you figure out what you want and squeeze as much potential out of that idea into reality.

However, reality includes that you need to figure out what you want and create a plan for how to make it happen.

That includes your joy! And that's where I come in!

The Merriment Makers is a 9 Step Method.
It's designed for you to reclaim your connection to autopilot.

Instead of your emotions, sensations, routines, experiences, creative passions, and relationships running on autopilot, you’ll learn how to create systems and support networks that run on autopilot so you can actually live your life.

Let me worry about the systems.
You just show up and apply it.

We have to delegate certain things. The accountant does our taxes. The mechanic fixes our car. And the Merriment Maker provides you joy.

There's nothing more important to invest in than your happiness.

The Merriment Makers is a way to ensure you're being prompted with good news, positive perspectives, and wholesome reminders every single day to continually renew your faith in humanity and yourself. That's my job.

Are you ready to have good news coming at you from all angles?

absolutely, sign me up!
What's Included

5 days a week you'll get:

📰 Good News Story, 🎨 Image, + ✨ Bonus (Fun Fact, Wholesome Meme, Positive Poem or Affirmation, Custom Designed Puns, etc.)

$6/month yours for free
Operation Merriment
Every Sunday you'll get:

Mission/Tutorial, Trivia, History, Mood Boards, Printables, & Lists + Resources of Ways to Celebrate an upcoming Unusual Holiday.
$40/month yours for free
Monthly Mail
Every month you'll get:

A themed, double-sided, full color newsletter in a shiny envelope to your real life mailbox. International postage included.
$6/month yours for free
Group Chat + Community
Every day you'll get:

A daily positive message in the group chat. Plus full access to the Facebook community and the ability to interact with other members all over the world.
1,000+ Resources
Immediately upon joining:

You'll get access to the existing curriculum which includes over 1,000 lessons. There are 20 pieces of content uploaded every 6 weeks!
That's less than 9 cents per piece of content!
Membership Card +
Birthday Postcard
After your trial ends, you'll be mailed a membership card with the 10 Commandments of Merriment Making, plus a postcard around your birthday. International postage included.
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Resource Examples
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Want to see what kinds of things are inside the curriculum? Scroll through the slideshow!

I've made sure to accommodate multiple learning styles!

How do you want to join?
Instant all paid access,
month to month
Instant all paid access for a year
Save 9%
But wait, there's more!
You'll also receive access to my iconic Body Image E-course worth $111 and my Merriment Making E-book worth $60.
Merriment Makers Manifesto
Merriment Makers are kind to themselves and others before everything else. Merriment Makers celebrate the unusual. Merriment Makers are weirdos. Merriment Makers make gratitude lists. Merriment Makers send real mail. Merriment Makers love to laugh really loudly. Merriment Makers interact with strangers, even anonymously. Merriment Makers believe in magic. Merriment Makers encourage silly jokes and puns. Merriment Makers drive to the end of the rainbow. Merriment Makers keep their inner child alive at all costs. Merriment Makers talk to animals. Merriment Makers carry googly eyes with them at all times. Merriment Makers know ducks are hot. Merriment Makers dance in the grocery store aisle. Merriment Makers take pictures of murals. Merriment Makers feel good so they can do good.
Society thrives on you being disenchanted, disconnected, and dissociated, because a disenchanted soul is docile. It keeps trudging, toeing lines, and doesn't ask stifling questions.

If you feel exhausted, jaded, bored, and like you're losing your childlike sense of wonder, you're not broken or a jerk. It's a natural response to the world we're living in.

If life is starting to feel mundane, repetitive, or you don't know how much longer you can go without a break, that's natural.

The way we've been going is leading to burnout.
And I want to relight your fire.
let's do it!
This is different than other subscriptions
I don't want to keep you on the computer, or honestly even in your journal. There are hundreds of challenges (and four more every module) to get you not just off your phone, but out of your house.

Things are shifting, love. We need to reconnect. Not just with ourselves, but with the world.

I teach things differently. I will teach you through and through about self-love. But it does NOT end there. Once you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ABLE to give back, the Merriment Making Method teaches you that you must.

I'll teach you many (fun and easy!) ways to do that.

What will you gain?

Discover what’s uniquely fun to you and find systems and support for how to make sure you’re having fun every day.

Care less about what people outside your inner circle think about the decisions you make and how you look.

Feel sensations, emotions, and pleasure back in your body in a more intense and connected way.

Find clarity about what your specific talents are to contribute to this world, and figure out how to apply them in a way that fulfills you and helps others.

Create connections with other humans, art, and nature.

Acquire the ability to find the good in any situation and opportunities for acting with kindness in novel ways.

Use your newfound confidence and success to give back to the community by being an advocate for causes and change you’re passionate about.

Become a walking example of what joy looks like for someone like you that can inspire another.

Come alive again to change the world.

Meet Mary

Hi beautiful! I'm Mary "Uncustomary" England, a published author, coach, and Merriment Maker.

I grew up without complete access to my childhood. I developed a myriad of mental illnesses and neurodivergences (a dozen if you want to count the official list) as a way to cope and create a sense of control with the world around me.

I've always had an underlying desire to be happy, or at least the ability to notice that when I was deeply depressed or dissociated that this was not normal (at least for me). I'm able to hold two big ideas at once, including being in so much pain I wanted to die and still believing the world is beautiful. I don't believe these are conflicting, I believe they're complicated. Like us.

Right now I'm passionate about reminding us all to embrace our weird and slow down in a world that's pressuring us to keep hustling and not think for ourselves. And I'm doing it while dressed as a rainbow.

Also it's worth noting I have multiple psychology degrees and have been studying positive psychology for 15 years and coaching for 10. My methods are founded in psychological research and science, not hunches and tote bag inspiration.

I'm very excited to do what I'm here to do, which is to spread good news, inspire you, and make you feel good so that you can do what YOU'RE here to do the best way you know how (because we all do better when we feel better).

Mary England
Founder of Uncustomary
Q: What if I'm worried or intimidated by a thousand resources?
No one is grading you on what you do or don't look at or do. Think about it like a library. Everything is available for your access and you get to search for what you want and leave what you don't.

Q: What if I'm not into videos or live calls?
Any video call has a replay, but there are also many additional types of learning materials available. There are monthly challenges intended to get you off the computer. There are also audio lessons, workbooks, digital and printable art, and guided practices.

Q: What if I already feel happy?
That’s great! This program isn’t exclusive to people who are starting from a place of overwhelm and unhappiness. You can accentuate your life and enhance your you-ness no matter where you are. If joy, fun, weirdness, creativity, celebration, and kindness are values you’re interested in, then you’ll enjoy this program.

Q: What's the difference between The Merriment Makers and Operation Merriment?
Operation Merriment is a weekly masterclass and kindness mission based on an upcoming unusual holiday. The Merriment Makers is an archive of over a thousand pieces of content with new modules every month. By signing up to the Merriment Makers you also get access to Operation Merriment.

Q: I notice there's a lot of women/femmes in your testimonials. Is this a girls only group?
Nope! I do tend to attract more women/femmes (probably 80:20), but everyone is always welcome as long as you're nice!

Q: Can I sign up at any time?
A: Yes! The only thing that's timed is the physical mail. You have to be signed up by the 2nd of the month to receive that month's snail mail newsletter, otherwise, you'll get next month's.

Q: What happens when I check out?
You'll receive an email with your unique username and password, and then you can log in on the exclusive members only dashboard.

Q: Is the price of membership the same if I live outside of the U.S.?
A: Yes! It's the same price no matter where you live

Q: Is there a cancelation fee?
A: No

Q: What if I decide I don't like it after/Are subscriptions refundable?
That's life, babe! As this is a digital offering and you get access to a thousand resources immediately upon enrolling, per industry standard there are no refunds for membership subscriptions.

Q: What does 'lifetime access' mean?
You get access for as long as the product exists and the technology we use is still viable!
How do you want to join?
Instant all paid access,
month to month
Instant all paid access for a year
Save 9%
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I asked why they enjoy the Merriment Makers, and this is what they said...

"Uncustomary has been a life changer for me. I'm not a naturally positive person.

A few years ago I was so miserable, isolated, and down on myself that I decided to make a change. That's when I found Mary. She has helped me to see the positive sides of life and myself.

I've literally changed my entire life within three years using the joy and support that I've received from Mary and the Merriment Makers."

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"A wholesome, fun and experienced group - I love this community of Merriment Makers! The support and friendships combined with a massive amount of resources, definitely helps me in both my low and high moments."
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"Mary England and her Merriment Makers group is one of the best and most cost effective things you can do to take care of yourself. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Mary's creativity never ceases to amaze me, a 68 year old woman. I chose to get some snail mail and have kept it all. Mary is full of light and love, without being unrealistic. Do yourself the biggest favor you could this week, check out Merriment Makers. Laugh until you cry."
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“I signed up for the Membership and it's like receiving a party in your mailbox each month! Being part of this Membership makes you feel like you have a cheerleader to cheer you on towards your goals every single day! I encourage everyone to become a part of the fun!!!"
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"M.M. is a place where I can be me. I can speak my truth. I can be supportive and support others whether it's a good day or a bad day and not feel judged for not being positive all the time.

And on the days where I'm not positive it is a bountiful resource 4 ways I can improve my mental health."

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"I can’t sing Uncustomary’s praises enough! I stumbled across her website while looking for tools to boost my self-care (It and my self-esteem had taken a nosedive).

Flash forward two and a half years, I’m catching up with a close friend over dinner and she paused mid conversation to make an observation. 'You really look good...You look happy, and I think it’s because you’ve become more genuine to your true self.' She was right, and I credit a large part of that growth and overall happiness to Uncustomary.

Mary knows her stuff. Period. Let me add that I am a mental health counselor -- so, I do not make that statement lightly. Uncustomary is the perfect balance of fun, education, and support. And, if there isn’t already an Uncustomary article or tool for what you’re dealing with, Mary can create one. She is such a real, kind, personable being!

I am a member and loving every bit of it. It’s one of the best, and most reasonable investments I have made for myself since joining Uncustomary two and a half years ago! I’m excited to see where she goes next." 

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"The Merriment Makers group, created, adored, and run by the one and only Uncustomary Mary England, is an exuberance of light, love, and creativity, with a refreshing dose of reality and practicality.

Mary gives us a literal rainbow of thoughts, ideas, courses, and strategies to bring more positivity, color, lightness, and self-understanding into our lives. Mary is genuinely interested in our needs, and the group itself reflects that same genuine interest. Being a part of this group has been a delight and I am so looking forward to following where Uncustomary leads us!

Being a part of this group is a joy and a privilege (even if I’m somewhat of a lurker - even a drop of goodness is worth the membership!"

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"Yaaasss!!! For me, it's the community! I know my fellow Merriment Makers are always cheering for me, keeping me in positive thoughts and vibes!

And with the craziness of the world, we all need the reminder that we can be MERRY and share it with the world! The more you share, the more you receive 😉 love, happiness, merriment, grace."

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"Within the last year or so I've been dealing with a lot of life changes. I was trying to dig myself out of a rut. I decided to join this group and see if it could help me with my goals, and it definitely did.

While I don't use all the tools available, and there are a lot! I get so much out of the group, and enjoy working at my own pace to get back to myself. The group always has something new to talk about or try and its a great place to go to get a little pick me up!"

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"This Membership Group is one of the most supportive, colorful, and joyous places I know! Maybe it's because Mary is always surpassing herself with so many bright, shiny ways to love yourself and share your best with the world.

There are journaling prompts, worksheets, playlists, endless ways to practice self-love and gratitude with a joyful attitude, all kinds of ideas for exploring and expanding the world around you and so much more!

I love how much more colorful and kind my life has become since I joined! Being a member is awesome and it's truly the best bang-for-your-buck you will ever find! Thank You Mary for everything ~ You've made some dark times lighter and the bright times even brighter!"

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You only get one life. Let's make it a merry and magical one.
yes please!
Photos: Desmond Johnson, Lola Yonder, Drace Wilson + Mary Braman | Video: Lola Yonder  
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