About Me

Uncustomary wants to help you embody joy, create spaces for feeling pleasure, and return the unique beauty you are back to the community.

I’m Uncustomary, otherwise known as Mary England.  I’m 30 something years old, based in Baltimore, Maryland.

After being diagnosed with a dozen mental illnesses and working in and studying the field of psychology for half a decade, I decided to start the business Uncustomary to share my personal and professional experience with mental health in a way that translates into personal development and evolution through a fun lens.

I do that with my method I call “Merriment Making. My goal is to empower and celebrate the weird in you and acknowledge your fears and circumstances. I celebrate your messy middles, but I don’t believe you yourself are a mess. I teach about play, pleasure, kindness, mental health, realistic optimism, and self-love.

In order to get to the point of exuberance, the first step is to let the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, and disgust be informants for adjustment. They’re your compass back to Merriment. The second step is to pile on pleasure. Engage your physical senses, connect with people and nature, create art, play, and spread kindness. I believe Merriment is your birthright.

I turned my life around with Merriment, and I know Merriment can change your life, too. When you’re ready I welcome you to join me in the Uncustomary Universe, be it in the Merriment Makers Membership group, Operation Merriment, or working with me 1:1.

I want to show you how amazing you are. I want to twirl you around and remind you that you’re gorgeous. I want to give you the tools so you can wake up every day with confidence and optimism. I want to make your life something you want to celebrate.

I use the internet to reach people all over the world and teach them how to fall deeply in love with themselves and start leading the happy life they crave.

There are many ways I can help you, both in person and online. I will motivate you with my newsletter, educate you with my courses and one-on-one sessions, and share consistent personal experiences and tips with you on my blog.



Are you ready to become your own success story? Learn how to love yourself and make a happy life your number one goal. You can do it.

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