Work With Me


I’m so flattered you’re interested in working with me! There are lots of ways we can make that happen.


 Life Coaching: Happy Hour! If you work better one-on-one, this is for you. If you’re local, I can come to you in person or we can schedule a Skype date where we celebrate you and I teach you how to start loving yourself and being more creative today.

 Self-Love: The Key To Happiness! This is my signature course where I teach you in depth ways to build the happy life you crave by falling in love with yourself.

 Body Positivity E-Course Learn to love your body as much as you love life! Raise your self-esteem and re-examine what you’ve been taught about beauty.

 Self-Worth Workshop! This will teach you the basics of self worth and give you six tangible ways to build your feelings of self worth today.

 Self-Care E-Course!  Learn all about how to prioritize self-care and just how to make it happen.

 Self-Esteem E-Course!  Learn how to build the vital foundation required for self-love to begin and self-esteem to flourish.

 Gratitude E-Course! This will give you the foundation you need to be a more appreciative and grateful person.

 Mindfulness E-Course! This will give you two weeks full of strategies to become more mindful, aware, and present.

 Speaking Event! I’m an authentic, fun, and uplifting speaker. I would love to host or speak at your next event.

 In-Person Workshop! Hire me to teach a class or workshop for as few or many people as you need.


 Get an ad banner! Advertise your blog or business to thousands of creative and caring people.

Submit material! Are you interested in submitting a guest post or purchasing a text ad? I can work with you on these things until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.

For advertising and guest posting please contact me at mary (at)

Why should you work with me?

I’m authentic, and share almost everything online, so you what you see is what you get. This is also my full-time job, so you can be sure that a position in a cubicle isn’t going to keep me from attending to your needs!

Stats as of August 2018

Facebook – 3,260
Instagram – 10,054
Pinterest – 21,657
Twitter 2,143
Total = 37,114


Collaborating with Mary is both easy and fun. She’s got all the technical specs you’ll ever need for a successful blog post, friendly reminders of deadlines, and somehow she makes you feel awesome and like you’re doing her a huge favor, when I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. If you get the chance to work with Mary on anything, SNAG IT, because she really does “play well with others.” – Cara (New Jersey)

“You really are easy to work with and a joy as well. You aren’t too complicated to please and the loving personality you have shines bright and it’s what made your blog an eye-catcher for me and had me contact you in the first place. I truly hope to work with you again soon.” – Dana Sibilsky (Georgia)

You make my soul tense up in excitement to the point that I think I might have a seizure.” – Judy Cox (Maryland)

Your happiness is contagious. I ain’t washing my hands.” – Kat Pratt (Texas)

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