Speaking Events

Monarch Workshop (3)

Looking for a fun, positive, uplifting speaker with a sense of humor for your next event? Look no further!

I have experience teaching in-person workshops and classes and hosting events for various groups, both in size and population. I’m good working one-on-one, in small groups, and large crowds of hundreds of people! I have experience working with people with mental and physical disabilities. I bring my magic, color, and nonjudgmental attitude to my work, and can definitely improve any event you’re planning.

Topics Of Expertise:

Merriment, Fear, Self-Love, Joy, Self Esteem, Street Art, Snail Mail/Mail Art

Past Experience:

Guest Speaker at “The Truth About Your Migraine”; Online; October 2018
at Baltimore Bubble Parade; Baltimore, Maryland; June 2018
at Self-Care For Women Summit; Online; November 2017
Speaker at Radiate Confidence Summit: How To Attract The Relationships You Desire And Love Yourself Fearlessly No Matter What!; Online; December 2017
at 100 Happy Days Bubble Parade; Baltimore, Maryland; June 2017
at “Love Starts Within” at The Room; Baltimore, Maryland; December 2016
Book Signing
at Barnes and Noble; Bowie, Maryland; September 2016
Book Signing
at Barnes and Noble; Ellicott City, Maryland; June 2016
Book Signing and guest speaker at Barnes and Noble; Pikesville, Maryland; June 2016
Expert Speaker
 at “Bside For Art” via Artist’s Compound; Baltimore, Maryland; April 2016
Guest Speaker at “Living Happy And Healthy With Neurofibromatosis” Symposium; Vancouver, Canada; February 2016
Expert Panel
 at Monarch Workshop; Bridgeport, Connecticut; October 2015
at 100 Happy Days Bubble Parade; Baltimore, Maryland; May 2015
Guest Speaker on The Ignorance Equation; Washington DC; May 2015
 at Art Enables; Washington DC; February 2015/2014
Mail Art Workshop at Baltimore Free School; Baltimore, Maryland; September 2015/2014
Teacher at Shop Analog; Washington DC; February 2014
Knitting Instructor at University Of Baltimore; Baltimore, Maryland; January 2014
Teacher at Arundel Lodge; Edgewater, Maryland; March 2009-July 2013


I’m willing and qualified to speak at universities, auditoriums, classrooms, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, conferences, conventions, industry workshops high schools. I’m willing to travel as long as transportation and boarding expenses are provided.

My talks can be as elaborate as your situation allows, including Powerpoint presentations, interactive art projects for the audience, and balloons raining down from the ceiling.

NF Symposium (4)


heart“Mary England is the raw and real, inspiring and colorful voice of fun and truth. She is quirky in a way that makes you want to dig deep and be the most honest version of yourself with zero shame, and she is deeply steeped in knowledge that, when married with her playful aura, combines to form the most intriguing and trustworthy combo. She hosted a “Merriment Booth” at our Fall 2015 workshop, which encouraged hand written love letters, free play, quirky oddities, and self-love! In plain words, she’s f*ck#ng fantastic, energizing and definitely one of a kind.” – Madeline Rhodes + Jessica Serra Huizenga of Monarch Workshop

heart“Amazing! Mary’s presentation at our event was authentic, engaging,and humorous. She is everything you want in a speaker! Her powerful message of loving yourself no matter what along with her personal stories, resonated deeply with our audience. She was the conference highlight for many of our families. ” – Desiree Sher of The BC Neurofibromatosis Foundation

heart“I am so appreciative of Mary’s thoughtful words and ability to cut through everything and still be kind and positive. In short: I think she is brilliant.” – Kaarin Vembar

heart“One of the things I most admire about Mary is her incredible vivacity: this woman is always on the move! She is a creative Energizer Bunny bouncing between our browsers, bearing gifts of glitter” – Heidi TenPas

heart“Mary is such a bright shining star and just bring life and energy wherever you are!” – Meredith Gardner

heart“I was lucky enough to meet Mary at Monarch Workshop in CT this past March. She is one of the kindest, vivacious, loving people I know.” – Sami Jensen

Want to hire me?

I’m so excited to work with you! Contact me with any questions or details for your upcoming event. I’m usually able to turn things around in a short amount of time, if you’re in a pinch for a speaker on short notice! I’m also a teacher, available for in person classes and workshops!

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