Merriment Making:
How To Embody, Create, and Spread Joy

By Mary England

My second book is here to show you how to confront your fears about happiness and self-love. Learn how to feel enthusiasm and excitement in the every day. Then turn your energy outward to create fun, kindness, and merriment for others!

The Merriment Making Book Is...
πŸ’• About how to feel deep Pleasure, Decadence, and Joy in your body (not just your mind).
πŸ’• About how once we take care of ourselves, we turn our potential back towards the community and creates Acts of Merriment, Kindness, and Celebration to others.
πŸ’•Not just theory, it’s tangibility. It helps you take action.

1 - What Is Merriment Making?

2 - Trauma, Addictions, + Habits

3 - Loving Yourself Merrily

4 - Optimism, Positivity, + Perspective

5 - Motivation

6 - Passion

7 - Mindfulness + Succulence

8 - Celebrations, Play, + Pleasure

9 - Creativity

10 - Magic

11 - Relationships + Embodiment

12 - Adventure, Altruism, + Acts Of Merriment

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Each Chapter Includes:

A hard copy of a downloadable PDF of the current chapter. This can be read on your digital device or printed out.


A video of me guiding you through the shadow work (the harder parts/ confronting your fear) of the chapter, in a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.


An MP3 file of me reading the current chapter out loud for you to listen to while you workout, drive, or lie in bed.


Every chapter will have multiple downloadable/printable worksheet that will assist you in processing the strategies discussed in the chapter. These will include journaling prompts and additional shadow work.

Meet The Author

Hi!, I'm Uncustomary. I started my business, Uncustomary in 2013 to share my journey with self-love, body image, and personal development. It has grown immensely to be able to help people all over the world in so many ways, for which I am incredibly grateful for!

I wrote my first book This Is About You: Amazing, Weird Beautiful You in 2016. It has 5 Stars on Amazon. I am so honored to be able to bring you this new up-leveled book on a topic I am incredibly passionate about.

Mary England |

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Sign Up Bonuses!

As a bonus for signing up for this book, you also get lifetime access to the Merriment Making In My World Masterclass and Happy Habits Workshop for $47 in bonuses!

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"The Merriment book is wonderful! I was surprised

and relieved to hear that merriment includes all the feelings and emotions a person experiences. I am grateful that merriment does not block the harder experiences of life, but embraces them with love, appreciation for the lessons learned, and comfort to get through it.

Merriment recognizes the whole self and the ability to share the wisdom, hope and joy with others. Your work as a Merriment Maker is a deep and needed message to enlighten the world. You are a blessing and you make a difference in my life and so many others!"

- Student after reading Chapter 1

Thank you for creating this beautiful book & the process of Merriment Making. I am releasing old thoughts and ways of living that kept me small and stuck. I am inviting in new creative ways to live more joyfully and purposefully in my daily life through your amazing program.

Life can throw us some major curve balls that we may not be ready for. However, if we strive to find the simple joys in life, it will give us the confidence to trust that we can not only survive but thrive. I highly recommend anyone who wants to start over and start a new life to join this incredible journey with Uncustomary Mary. We all wake up with a new day of opportunity for Merriment Making. Seize the Day- Make It Merry!

- Melissa, Merriment Making Student

"I adored how Mary spends this book cheering you on, while also giving advice about self love that is practical, heartfelt, and very helpful all at once. I appreciated that I was encouraged to not just read what she was saying, but take it a step further and write my own experiences about it/responses to it. I even used a colorful pen to match the very colorful layout."

- Colleen about "This Is About You", my first book

"An excellent self-help book. I'm sure I'll be revisiting this one multiple times. It's packed with uplifting "homework", actionable lists, and lots of color. Reading this book feels like having a conversation with a friend who knows what you're going through and just wants the best for you."
- Sarah about "This Is About You",
my first book

Is this a physical book?
No. As of right now, this is a digital offering and not a traditional book paperback book. The PDF's and worksheets are printable if you so choose.

I would still get this program as a supplement to the paperback, however. There are way more resources in this program than I could include in a physical copy of a book.
Where do I get my resources?

You'll get access to everything through Teachable.

How do I check out?
The buttons direct you over to Teachable. Select your payment plan and click on "Enroll in course". Teachable will walk you through everything and set you up with a profile. You can check out with PayPal or a credit card.
What if I miss a payment?
Contact me and we can work it out. Otherwise, you'll lose access to the Teachable hub and your content.
Do I get live coaching calls?
All the live coaching calls are complete as of August 2022. Replays are available.
Will this be available as a paperback in the future?

Yes, eventually. However, this program offers more than a book could within the confines of pages. There are more modalities and techniques available in this program that will enhance your experience.