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You have to feel good to do good.

Welcome to the world of Merriment Making!

Hi, Mary “Uncustomary” England!

I Went To School For This...

I’m a published author, life coach, event speaker, podcaster, and team building facilitator. I have two degrees in Psychology and previously worked at psychiatric rehabilitation center.

I’ve run my own business since 2013, where I created my own job title: Merriment Maker.

I actively study psychology, positivity, and fun. I’ve coached people 1:1 for over almost a decade with glowing reviews.

I don’t base my work on hunches or tote bag inspiration. It’s influenced by research, science, and action.

Let’s just say I have my 10,000 hours.

Joy Isn't Natural For Me...

I have one dozen mental illnesses of my own. I come here from a sincere desire of wanting to be happy, not naturally being happy. I know this is work. And I’m doing it with you.

I know if I can have an eating disorder, self-harm every day for years, try to kill myself, abuse drugs, and experience sexual assault and still create a fun life, I can help you have a fun life, too.

I'm Special Because...

I believe in play over meditation. I’m blunt. My methods are founded in psychology and science, and I’m also (realistically) optimistic.

I’m a good teacher. I’ve taught adults how to read and how to love themselves.

Perhaps most importantly, I am here to get you to take action, not just to theoretically understand something.

My Merriment Making Method will always provide you with actionable steps and ideas to get you out of your head and into the world.

Tangibility will always win over theory.

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