Inspiring Self-Love Through Merriment + Creativity


Hi I’m Uncustomary!

I believe my life’s mission is making other people happy. I came up with the job title of Merriment Maker because nothing else fit, so I made my own place in the world.

For almost twenty-five years, I have struggled with half a dozen mental illnesses, and I know what the dark side looks like very well. I also know it’s possible to live a happy live not in spite of your struggles, but with them, and want to help as many people push through the dark tunnel to the other side where they’ll land on a pile of glitter.

After quitting my day job of 5 years at a psychiatric rehab center, I started my business, Uncustomary, as a way to inspire others through my own life as a living example of what Merriment can look like in a realistic, messy way. I do that through self-love, spirituality, and creativity. My goal is to leave you feeling better than when you found me.

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Loving yourself for who you are and leading a happy life are great goals, but they’re not always easy ones.

Anything related to building self-esteem, expressing yourself, or finding happiness are things I can help you with.


What People Are Saying About Uncustomary…

  • “Uncustomary is basically the best ball of rainbow-sunshiney-glitter I have found on the internet. Everyday the content is off the wall colorful and really something I have grown to look forward to. The content is thought provoking and fun, always creative and definitely diverse. I will be forever grateful for Uncustomary’s awesome book and her kickass attitude while running Uncustomary.” – Sonya Ann


  • “Uncustomary is freaking phenomenal. Her Facebook group is one of just a few groups that I actually have all notifications turned on for; the atmosphere in there is so uplifting. Mary has this amazing way of finding positivity and encouraging it in others in a way that’s quite real – none of that blind optimism or forced smiles or anything like that.” – Ashleigh


  • “Love, Love, LOVE Uncustomary – since the moment I met her at a conference, this woman has inspired me with her radical self-love and body positivity, not to mention her amazing art! EVERYONE needs more rainbows in their life and THIS GIRL delivers!”- Karyn

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