Reflect on 2023 and move on into 2024 ready to cause a ruckus.
Did this year not bring what you wanted or expected?
The new year isn't about a "new you", it's about enhancing what you already love and who you already are.
The Merry New Year Plan
A workbook ready to walk you through what did and didn't work in the past, and will set you up for the future!
It's the time of year when I look back on gratitude journal entries, photo albums, and memories to write about what I ENJOYED about this year. Even during the years where I have had the worst times, this process has saved me.

There have been years where I put off the list. Years where I just skipped parts of the process. And years where I convinced myself that I absolutely wouldn't have been able to come up with anything positive from this year. (But I was wrong.)

That's why I love the method I came up with. It's not about thinking about the year overall with a yay or nay vibe. It's not about having gratitude for the whole thing or trying to find big moments that stick out to you. Sometimes our minds don't work that way. Especially when it's been a more difficult year than others.

This process gets you to focus in on tinier aspects of your life. Instead of needing to only come up with your five biggest accomplishments, you can focus on your coming up with a list of your favorite movies and TV shows. You're here to celebrate everything and anything that felt good to you this year.

After doing this for a decade, I started teaching people what questions I use to think about at this time of year, and I think you'll enjoy going through it.

Here's What You'll Gain
16 Page Workbook
Instant access to the printable plan I've used for over a decade to bookend my years.
Over 50 prompts.
New Year's Playlist
2 and a half hours of music to listen to on New Year's (Eve)
10 Things To Stop Doing In The New Year
Ideas for habits you might want to stop participating in next year
Self-Love New Year's Resolutions
Ideas for positive habits and new year's resolutions
100 Ways To Add Merriment To Your Life
Ideas for how to add fun to your every day life and activities
Bonus: Social Media Affirmation
A digital image to share your declaration with the world
Bonus: New Year's TV Episodes
Ideas for TV shows to watch that are New Year's themed
Hi, I'm Mary

Hi beautiful! I'm Mary "Uncustomary" England, a published author, coach, and Merriment Maker.

I grew up without complete access to my childhood. I developed a myriad of mental illnesses and neurodivergences (a dozen if you want to count the official list) as a way to cope and create a sense of control with the world around me.

I've always had an underlying desire to be happy, or at least the ability to notice that when I was deeply depressed or dissociated that this was not normal (at least for me). I'm able to hold two big ideas at once, including being in so much pain I wanted to die and still believing the world is beautiful. I don't believe these are conflicting, I believe they're complicated. Like us.

Right now I'm passionate about reminding us all to embrace our weird and slow down in a world that's pressuring us to keep hustling and not think for ourselves. And I'm doing it while dressed as a rainbow.

I have multiple psychology degrees and have been studying positive psychology for 15 years and coaching for 10. My methods are founded in psychological research and science, not hunches and tote bag inspiration.

I'm very excited to do what I'm here to do, which is to spread good news, inspire you, and make you feel good so that you can do what YOU'RE here to do the best way you know how (because we all do better when we feel better).

Mary England
Founder of Uncustomary

A workbook + bonus resources to help you plan your new year
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"Uncustomary has been a life changer for me. I'm not a naturally positive person.

A few years ago I was so miserable, isolated, and down on myself that I decided to make a change. That's when I found Mary. She has helped me to see the positive sides of life and myself.

I've literally changed my entire life within three years using the joy and support that I've received from Mary and the Merriment Makers."

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If you're serious about having a FUN, CREATIVE, PRODUCTIVE 2024...
...act now. Don't hesitate. If this is your sign, take it. If what you were doing before wasn't working, then let this be the first step in the new direction. If you stop now, you're immediately sending the message to the universe that you don't believe in yourself enough for this to work! BELIEVE you can do this! Believe you can be happy! BELIEVE! Decide that it can be, and let it be. Show everyone, including the cosmos, how powerful you are. I believe in you.
You only get one life. Let's make it a magical merry one.
yes please!
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