Are you interested in advertising your blog or business to thousands of creative and supportive people every month? Uncustomary is the perfect place for that. On the sidebar of every single post and almost every page your banner will be displayed loud and proud to my fans and followers.

I get 50,000 page views every month, and that number continues to grow. I have over 34 thousand followers on social media and the Uncustomary Universe is incredibly caring and wonderful! Get thousands and thousands of impressions and clicks which can lead to more page views, sales, and engagement for you!

There are three banner sizes for you to choose from.

Fabulously Featured

There is only one of these banners available every month. The banner is the biggest one and always stays at the top. It’s square and 290 x 290 px.

Price: $25

ad size 1

Large + Lovely

This is the best bang for your buck! A big size to advertise your awesomeness and it won’t break the bank. These banners are rectangular and sized at 290 x 150 px. They’re placed right below the Fabulously Featured banner.

Price: $15

ad size 2

Small + Sassy

On a budget? This banner is perfect for you! It’s also rectangular shaped and 290 x 75 px.

Price: $5

ad size 3


Q: How long do the ads stay up?
A: Any size banner stays up for 31 days.

Q: What happens after I check out?
A: After you check out, I’ll e-mail you to ask you for your banner, URL, and the links you want promoted on social media. Then, I will manually upload your graphic/link to my sidebar within 24 hours. Your 31 days doesn’t start until it goes up.

Q: Can I buy more than one month at a time?
A: Yep! And I’ll even give you a discount! E-mail me and let me know how many months you want to purchase and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal

Q: Can you help me make my banner?
A: I’m no graphic designer, but if you have an image, text, and a font you want and are more design-illiterate than I am, I’d be happy to create a simple image for you.

Q: How will I know when the next Fabulously Featured spot is available?
A: E-mail me at mary [at] uncustomary [dot] com and I’ll tell you when the next spot is available.


Banner Sizes



This is a for profit blog. I sometimes work with other companies for sponsored posts, but the opinions are my own. I reserve the right to turn away any collaborations that I don’t feel fit with the theme and overall message of my blog and business.

If you have additional questions, please contact me at mary [at] uncustomary [dot] org