A relatively new pen pal of mine, Suzie, is reaffirming the awesome in my life. When I realized I wanted her phone number to talk to her even more, I figured it would be a good opporunity to carry out number 72 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list: to communicate with someone by texting via only images.
For over two weeks we have been exchanging pictures via text and I am so impressed with what she’s sent me. So many times I’ve wanted to respond with “ohmygodddd” but I couldn’t! Her photos were way more interesting than mine, but below I’ve created a collage of her photos and mine. If you want to see any of the pictures bigger just let me know. Some of hers are really cool.

We did get a little creative with no text rule, though.


My favorite exchange was on a Saturday when she sent me a picture of a tiny plastic pink gun, identical to the one I had just purchased at the AVAM gift shop. So weird! (For the record I paid 25 cents, not $5 for mine.)