#11 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to carry a notebook and pen with you wherever you go. I think that I’ve always done this, to be honest. The problem is making sure that I actually use it! So I’ve tried to use my notebook when I’m on public transportation, on trips, and in social situations (like bars or parties).
It’s great for jotting down funny quotes, making a list of ideas you just brainstormed, or just doodling. It’s also fun to have your friends join in and write stuff with you.
So I took a bunch of pictures of the inside of my notebook and I’m going to share them now. I really do encourage you to keep paper and a writing utensil with you at all times. Tape stuff in there, write stuff down, document your life. It can be an itty bitty notebook or a giant spiral one.
at a bar
washi tape & art picnic
songs I put on the jukebox
Matt’s bird drawing and a kind of poem I wrote
residual ink from a fingerprint tree we made at work
the sounds I heard during a day & part of a scavenger hunt
Halloween party & a recipe
quote from a book
things I did for the first time in Canada
and a note on a random back page from Charlotte