#77 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to make your own Halloween costume. Since today is Halloween…

… I felt that it was appropriate to share my costumes from this year! My requirement this year was to not buy my costume, like I have done the past two years. I definitely bought different pieces of my costume, mostly at thrift stores and clearance sales, but I didn’t buy a pre-made no-thought package.

The costume that I wore to the member Halloween party was a space girl, complete with silver skin. I wore a metallic blue shirt and black skirt that I found at the thrift store. The expensive part was the leggings, which surprisingly, I did not already own.

I also bought the wig at the thrift store, but not in a gross way… they had a small new costume supply section. It was party store type stuff, but severely discounted. The wig was hard to tame. I could get the bangs to stand straight up like a unicorn horn.

The next costume I wore was a Troll doll. I decided on purple. All I had to do was wear purple shorts, a nude shirt (that I glitter glued a purple heart shaped belly button onto), and I put a water bottle in my hair to get it to stand up.

I guess everyone didn’t have cheerleaders at their high school that were really into spirit week, because most people had never seen that trick before! I purple hair sprayed my cone shaped hair afterwards and put on too much blush… and I was good to go!

here you can see my sadness from the water bottle falling out.

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