#93 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list was to take a road trip somewhere within 90 minutes, but to somewhere you’ve never been.

I selected Annmarie Gardens in southern Maryland. It’s about 70 miles away which worked out to almost exactly 90 minutes away. Generally, when I get excited about something I end up being at least slightly disappointed by it because I build it up so much. However, this place exceeded my expectations. They have all of these fairy houses built by different people lining a trail in the woods. There was a playground complete with painted tree stumps, bells to ring, tents, and streamers everywhere. It reminded me of the wind chime garden in Harriet The Spy.
I took a lot of pictures and I will share some with you here. The rest I’ll post later on Facebook.
And this was my favorite part of the whole thing. These are those slice plastic bottle crafts. I really need to make some.