#68 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to document an entire lunar cycle. I wanted to ideally do this all with my camera, but it seemed that when I would remember to photograph the moon, it would always be a part of the cycle that I’d already documented. And there were many nights where I just couldn’t find the moon. Too many clouds, too little reality? I don’t know. But the moon hides sometimes.
So for those sections of the cycle, I created documentation via the basic paint program on my computer. I think my favorite part of this process was that I created an alarm on my phone that would go off every night at 9pm, flashing “Take a picture of the moon!” while it played TLC’s “No Scrubs”.
Looking at the moon (and stars, more specifically) always gives me a sense of hope. The forms it comes in varies. Sometimes I just feel glad to be alive underneath such beautiful constellations, and sometimes I feel so incredibly small and recognize that my place here can be insignificant if I let it be. So I won’t let it be.
I’m going to shine really bright for my entire stay here on Earth. And then I’ll turn into glitter.