#80 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to plan a surprise for someone. I decided that I would plan a surprise for fifteen someones, and they would be mail surprises! I hadn’t been feeling well, and putting these packages together really made me feel better. They’re full of things that I would want to receive, and those are the best kind of packages to send.
The fifteen people I chose are people who either inspire me, have helped me, and/or I thought would genuinely enjoy the surprise. I definitely wanted to add more people to my list, but I work for a non-profit. 😉
I called the packages Life Pacts. They’re packages for a lifestyle of living in a fun and creative way.
Inside I included:
A copy of my 100 Ways list, with #80 highlighted
Some magazine clippings/images that I thought that person would enjoy
Three postcards and instructions to send them to people they care about
A mix CD (there were four different cover arts)
A quote I felt that the person would relate to
A baggy full of slides, pogs, and googly eyes
Two pictures from my Fun A Day street art project and some encouraging words
A (joyful) noise maker, lei, mini umbrella, and magnifying glass –> encouraging celebration and looking deeper
(the actual packages)
I got a lot of great feedback from you lovely ladies, such as Jaclyn’s e-mail:
Your Life Pact package is such a treasure, so very wonderful!  It made me feel so happy and blessed and honored and inspired and there are so many more wonderful adjectives I could add here!  How could I ever say thank you enough for such a gift?  You inspire me SO much–you send gifts and you set up public art for people to interact with and you don’t even expect anything in return, just that people share their enjoyment and happiness with you.  Thank you SO much!  I’m going to listen to your CD on the way home from work today and I’m going to immediately put to use all the wonderful goodies you’ve sent.  Mine probably won’t be as fantastic as yours, but I’m going to send a Life Pact to you now!  Thank you for sharing so much with me!”


And check out Janice celebrating her first day of vacation with her goodies!