#19 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to have a dress up in costume evening. Obviously this doesn’t have to be done in the evening. Really, dressing up is good at any time of day.
This weekend was HonFest. It’s a quirky street festival held in Hampden, Baltimore every June. People go all out with dressing up. Sure, there are vendors, food tents, and live music, but the best part is the feather boas, cat eye glasses, and beehive hair-dos.
I took this opportunity to dress slightly wackier than normal. I wore the frilly bathing suit bottoms from Lost Eras and purple tights instead of pants. Plus, the sequined top I’ve become so fond of. I had some intense eye make-up on too.
I also brought the rainbow tiara that Janice sent me. I forgot to wear it for Honfest, but I did wear it the rest of the night.
It was fun walking around Honfest and everywhere else that night all dressed up. It reminded me of being in full costume for a dance recital and going into a 7-11 or something. There’s something really thrilling about it to me.
Something else beneficial about wearing outrageous clothes is it’s easier to talk to people. Sometimes that means ladies coming up to you who are extremely excited to touch your top, and sometimes it means inviting yourself to a table with a guy in a blue wig.
Either way, it’s fun. Wear sequins more often, guys. It’s good for your health.