#17 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to make a list of things you’re tolerating and fix them. When I made this list (which seems like so long ago!), I had stolen the idea from this article. If you’re interested in the logic behind this idea, then I definitely recommend reading it. But basically, the idea is to figure out what you’re not happy with and then make a plan of action.
But why can’t I just wave my magic wand and make everything better?
Because it doesn’t always work. I have many magic wands, and while they do work for some things, I have to realize that trying to use magic over and over again on something that’s not changing is a waste of my time. If your wand doesn’t fix it, you have to.
As of recently, I’ve had a few things bothering me. I’m going to break them down into the problem, possible cause(s), and solutions that I’ve been working on.
#1: My heel hurts
Possible cause? Wearing flats every single day, to not irritate my tattoo
+ wear real shoes with socks
+ stretch my calf muscles multiple times a day
+ take long, hot showers
#2: My tooth hurts!
Possible cause? Cavity, too much sugar
+ go to the dentist
+ brush my teeth much more often
+ eat less sugar
+ not have soda (or any sugar) after I brush my teeth
#3: My weight
Possible cause? Over eating, not exercising
+ eat less fast food
+ choose fruit over snacks
+ choose diet or Dr. Pepper 10 vs. full calorie sodas
+ plan to exercise (gym goal for next birthday list)
#4: No birthday plans
Possible cause? Past experiences, daunting
+ decide what I want to do
+ research options
+ ask friends to join me
#5: Heartache
Possible cause? Boy, rejection, grief
+ continue to write in my happy journal
+ reconnect with (old) friends
+ alcohol
+ work towards my goals with intent
+ watch TV shows I love
+ write mail
+ blog
+ reach out for support
1- After a few days of wearing real shoes, my heal has started to feel better. Hopefully I can get around going to the doctor on this one.
2- I’ve gone to the dentist twice, gotten a cavity filled and a cleaning, cut down on sugar intake, increased teeth brushing (with a baking soda based toothpaste), and invested in some tooth numbing gel.
3- Definitely trying to incorporate more healthy food into my life and to eat less. I need to just take a week to not eat as much and then I’ll be used to it. I’ve also made a goal (starting next Saturday) to go to the gym 100 times in the next year.
4- My head always drifts to Philly when I think of day trips. So I’ve decided to go there for my birthday. I reached out to a friend from high school who lives there, and she got very excited because the night of my birthday is her favorite event of the year! It’s a Pirate Party where they dance to and play only 90s music all night. Charlotte, Jenn, and I are going to take a day trip there and then meet Jill at the party. I’m very excited.
5- There are definitely bad days. I’m experiencing a full range of emotions and it’s very discomforting at times. But in general, I’m aware that I’m me, and I know what I like, and I’ve just got to keep going. Support has been the best thing so far.
What’s something you’re tolerating… and how can you fix it?