#55 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to celebrate “weird and unusual holidays”.
Some people think that I just know about these awesome celebrations that aren’t pre-typed on your office desk calendar, but the truth is I have two go-to websites that give me all my knowledge on this subject. This is my favorite, there are multiple holidays listed for each day, plus weekly and monthly observances. And don’t worry, they include Christmas and Halloween too… just in case you forget. My back up is this site, because even though they only do one holiday per day, sometimes the holiday they list is not listed at all on the first site.Now that you know the secret, I demand that you begin celebrating unusual things.
In my Life Appreciation class (at work) this week, the topic was Celebrating, so we talked about what types of things we celebrate in our lives. The main answers were holidays, birthdays, and weddings. These are wonderful things to have parties and gatherings for, I’m not denying that. But why not make every day special? Or at least know that it has the potential to be.


The day that we talked about celebrating was July 31st, which is Uncommon Instruments Day. So obviously we decorated paper plates, filled them with beads, and stapled them shut. The prototype I made was spray painted gold, covered in sequins, and filled with pogs. I would also like to point out that these paper plate shakers look just like a pierogi. Pop filled paper plate pierogies. Duh.
Some other holidays that I celebrated in July include Lollipop Day (7/20), Cheesecake Day (7/30), and Yellow Pig Day (7/17).
I realize that Yellow Pig Day actually has something to do with math, but guess what? I can do what I want. Also, you should know, that knowing that it was Cheesecake Day benefited myself and my coworkers, because the Cheesecake Factory had 1/2 off cheesecake.
Oh, and I decided to celebrate Christmas In July on the 25th. That was the day June and I did DC. To celebrate I basically just dressed like an elf and wished people Happy Christmas in July.
So don’t be afraid to celebrate little things. Make it all special.