#13 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to change your handwriting for the length of an entire letter. I chose to do this activity on National Handwriting Day, which was this past Wednesday. On Wednesdays I teach a class at work called Promoting Creativity. This week I had the class analyze each others’ handwriting and try to change their handwriting. While they wrote, I also wrote. I wrote a pointless letter to Suzie, who you might remember from #72/100.

Some of the things I learned about handwriting that can represent personality traits include slant, pressure, compression, and loopiness. (I’m naturally a pretty loopy writer.) For this, I tried to write in all caps, while turning my paper the opposite direction I usually do. It was strange and it’s really hard to break a habit like this. Constant awareness required.

Have you ever tried to change your handwriting? How’d it go?

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