#18 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to use paint chips for anything except what they’re intended for. This is a pretty broad activity, because the only thing they’re intended for is to select colors to paint your walls. I’ve always loved paint chips because I love colors and free things. 🙂 Last year I made a little whimsical activities booklet out of paint chips.
I wanted to do something additional for my 100 Ways list, so I did an activity with the members at work. I turned the paint chips upside down and had everyone draw one. Then, I would ask a question and they would have to write their answer on the paint chip card. After they were finished writing, they would pass their card to the right and I would ask another question.
The questions I asked were:
+ What does this color remind you of?
+ What is this color most useful for?
+ How does this color make you feel?
+ Would you rather own a car, shirt, or house in this color?
+ Do you own any clothing in this color?
+ Do you see anything in this room in this color?
+ How does this color make you feel?
Everyone got to write on each paint chip. I thought the answers were pretty fun and interesting.
The smiley faces mean that they agree with what the previous person wrote and an X means they disagree.
Care to answer any of the questions I asked? Pick a color, any color.