#32 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to change the lyrics to a song that you are singing to your pet about your pet. Matt and I tend to change the lyrics of a lot of songs that we hear so they are about Bug or Sadie. I decided to take it to a new level and completely re-write a song so it was about Bug.

I chose “Hey There Delilah” by The Plain White T’s. In case you somehow have never heard this overplayed song, you can listen here first.

Bug has been in here licking his legs while I sing this into my computer. I feel like this is a more important love song than the original.

Hey there Buglilah
What’s it like being P. Diddy?
I saw you eat a blue jay
Tore it apart like a true kitty
Yes you do
You turn the blood and bones to stew
I swear it’s trueHey there Buglilah
I know you believe in romance
I don’t care if it’s a bunny,
Go ahead and do that slow dance
Eat a pie
Put all that whipped cream in both your eyes
You are so wise…Oh, I know you have to pee (x4)
Just hold it pretty pleaseHey there Buglilah
It seems like you’ve turned to lard
But believe me, dude
Someday I’ll put these wet food cans on guard
Then you’d eat wood
And then whatever else you could
And swear it’s good

Hey there Buglilah
It looks as if your belly hasn’t shrunk kat all
And now you have pooped your life away
It smells real bad
And now I have to call my dad
But I’m not mad

Oh, cats do not have knees (x4)

Those birds outside are making noise
But inside here, you’ve got your toys
But you’ll get mad no matter what I say
You sit there and wiggle your butt
And I’ll just laugh along because I know
That you will nap later today
Buglilah, I can promise you
That I really love you too
And even though I didn’t pick your name
I love you the same

Hey there Buglilah
You be good and don’t you miss me
Eight more hours and I’ll be home from work
And you’ll be waiting for me by the door
You’ll stretch your back out like you do
Hey there Buglilah, nothing’s new
Hey there Buglilah, here’s to you
Go make a poop

Oh, I bet you’d like ziti (x4)
Lay on my pretty please

* this is what happens when there is a hurricane and you can’t go outside