#22 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to melt crayons. I actually did this months ago. In art class I had members tape unwrapped crayons in their choice of order onto a piece of paper. Then I taped that paper to a larger poster board and heated them with my hair dryer.
This is a very long process and my drug store hair dryer isn’t super powerful. Also, be prepared for an excessive amount of splattering, including onto whatever heating tool you’re using.
The end result is pretty awesome, though. You don’t have that much control over what happens in terms of the melting, which is actually very cool. The bad news is that when I did this, I didn’t have my actual camera on me, and the members were excited about their finished art, so they took them with them before I had a chance to photograph most. I did get two crappy quality pictures of them, so you can get the idea.
Something that I learned is to be aware of how many dark colors you choose, because it’s likely that they will overpower the rest of the colors.
Have you ever melted crayons?
I’m sure you’ve seen this amazing work, but just in case.