#40 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list was to choreograph a dance. Last year I made up a dance for my program to perform at the talent show (to “Firework) and this year there wasn’t time to do that. I decided to keep the tradition of performing to whatever song is over played on the radio and made this dance up on the spot. The things I knew before going on stage:
1) I was going to wear snap away pants on top of gold leggings that I would rip off when she says “ripped jeans, skin was showin”
2) I would start on the floor
3) I would write my work’s phone number on my hand (
which you couldn’t even see)
It was fun to just do whatever on ‘stage’. I danced a lot longer than this clip but you don’t need to see all of that. It has the important parts. 🙂 I’d also like to add that I feel like I put on a good talent show which was on my Summer Goals list.
Here are some pictures of those gold leggings you love so much.
my coworker took this one and had fun with altering the colors 🙂