#20 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to wear only black clothing (down to the underwear) and allow yourself only one colored accessory. This is something that’s not natural for me. I get called “Rainbow Brite” at work, and tend to wear a lot of colors and patterns at once. It was kind of fun to do this, though.
The two comments I got that stood out for me were: “you look like you should be working at Macy’s!” and “I like how you’re wearing all black, except for that big yellow flower in your hair”. The former is funny because I worked at Macy’s for like two weeks when I was 18, and the latter is perfect, because Jill really just captured the entire point of the outfit. 🙂
Black skirt, leggings, tank top, sweater, bra, underwear, and shoes.
Huge yellow hair flower!
Fun fact: I bought this flower at a deli by my post office for $2 last year. I went in to get a sandwich and a soda before school, and there was just a plastic container full of flowers. There’s a hair tie and a clip attached to the back. Talk about versatile. 😉
If you were to wear all black and one colorful accessory, what accessory would you choose?