#3 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to mix patterns that people say “clash”. I do this a lot, but I tend to just wear a lot of colors at once. I don’t own too many patterns, but I’m not afraid to mix and match. When I got this new gold skirt in the mail, I figured it would be a great piece to use for this goal.
There’s not much to say, except I’m really bad at using a self timer to take jumping pictures, and I’m not a really good at being serious for “outfit posts”. I’m not sure I can make this a regular thing, even though I’ve been asked to. I might just stick with pictures of my knees and feet, 😉
shirt/boobs: Target (the boobs were on clearance)
skirt: Forever21
shoes: Target
sweater: Forever21
God, I look good. Hahah.
Do you experiment with patterns and colors?