#53 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to wrap every item of a present individually. I did this for Matt’s 25th birthday (which is today)!
To be honest, sometimes I get lazy with wrapping gifts. Gift bags are far too easy and tempting. But a wrapped present has so much more love and effort put into it. Plus, it just looks nicer!
I always go a little overboard with his birthday. One year I bought him 50 blank cassette tapes to make mixes with, and I wrapped them in various ways in groups of five. This year, I got him some things he asked for: some flannel shirts, books, DVDs, and a really cool jug for him to make tea in.
I wrapped everything separately, and I used a lot of the gift wrap that comes folded (not on a roll). I have a ton of it and I never use it, so it’s time to start! Plus, I like how many different patterns there are. And I spent $0 on wrapping supplies! 🙂
I tried to add a small accent to each one too: a bow, a flower, a ribbon, etc.
My favorite present for him, by far, is a DVD I made. It’s twenty-four minutes worth of footage of Bug. It ranges from Bug cawing out the window at birds, playing with toys, and attacking things. I plan to share some of the videos on the blog for Bug’s feature, but just know it’s an awesome way to spend (almost) a half an hour.
I did wrap this case, but I wanted to show the cover sleeve and DVD sticker I made.
Bug is brilliant, and therefore the best gift ever. I hope Matt likes everything I got him!
Do you wrap all presents individually or do you like to incorporate them all into one package?