One of my goals before I turn 26 was to organize and teach a workshop, and I finally did it! I used the meeting room space at a public library in my county, and had two people show up. This wasn’t a one time thing, and I know a lot of you were unable to come due to family issues and the crappy weather, so stay tuned for the second round!

The fee was $12, and we worked for a little over an hour. I laid out books that are about different types of guerrilla art, including a couple photo printed books of my own work.

I had a Powerpoint presentation, that was yellow and teal on my laptop, but translated to weird neon green-ish colors on the projector.

Everyone got their own kit full of things to work on and install in their communities, as well as a worksheet to follow along. I included resources and artists to check out for inspiration.

Thanks to April for snapping this shot of me as we moved into the first exercise!

And thanks to Shannon and April for coming to support me on my adventure. I had a really great time talking to you guys, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your new information and supplies! Make the world colorful, my dears.

The next workshop I’m teaching isn’t on guerrilla art, but for Valentine’s Day! Come on over to Analog in DC on February 7th and celebrate love with me!

I’m counting this as #54 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list: “Teach someone something”.