#61 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to choose color, if given the option. I feel like I definitely do this in my daily life, and there’s no one way for me to give an example. So I’m going to show a lot of ways!
Choose color in the things you photograph
Choose color when an opportunity presents itself to obtain free things
Choose color for classroom displays and activities
Choose color to be attracted to
Choose color to make you literally stop your car so you can document it
Choose colorful restaurants to eat in
Choose colorful drinks for your first legal alcoholic beverage
Choose colorful idols
Choose colorful bubbles
Choose color lids when you could just get clear
Choose colorful key holders
Other ways you can choose color:
+ use colored staples
+ use color to accentuate something
+ use color as inspiration for a long list
+ do colorful 5Ks
+ add color to your meal
So go! Search for color, find your favorites. Buy and wear clothes in your favorite colors to make you happy all day long. You could buy clear tape, but why would you when you could get pink stripes?
Don’t discount any colors. Yeah, I get it. Brown isn’t bright and grey can be boring by itself. But I’m learning that you not only need these colors to appreciate the brighter ones, but they compliment them as well.
Hang up colorful things on your wall. Plant colorful flowers. Take pictures of things that stand out to you. I can’t stress this enough. Color is such an important aspect in my life and I bet it could make everyone a bit happier if they actively incorporated it and were aware of it throughout the day.
What’s your favorite color? Tell me three things it reminds you of.