#89 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to frequently change your surroundings.
I thought about this, and I want to do a bit of a recap of some of the different places I’ve taken myself, or the things I’ve surrounded myself with, in the past year. Each picture represents a different experience, memory, and place.
Position yourself differently, so you get to do more things and experience them from all angles.
In Idaho, by the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen
In the National Harbor, as part of an innovative 5K (crossing the finish line)
In Wyoming, at a cowboy ranch
In Southern Maryland, at a whimsical park
In upstate New York, getting sprinkled by the Niagara Falls
In Baltimore, on top of a hill I can’t get enough of
In Utah, writing my favorite word on the salt flats
In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, meeting up for a letter writing social
In Toronto, Canada, visiting a new country for the first time
In DC, releasing balloons with notes with someone I’d recently learned to love
In Nevada, visiting a casino for the first time with my Casino Spirit Guide
In Chicago, playing on the railroad tracks
In Alexandria, Virginia, walking around a festival
In my driveway, making things more beautiful