So last week I declared Mermaid Week, and I had a fun time with it. It started off pretty slow with just making sure I wore colors I associate with mermaids (teals, blues) and feeling good about my inspiration board. But I continued to talk with April about the theme, journaling about it, drawing a picture, watching movies (Splash, The Little Mermaid), etc.I feel good about last week in that sense even though it was a pretty rough week in terms of business with school.
I put together two photo collages of some outfits I wore, the drawing, my board, shoes, etc.

Living as a mermaid is freeing. When you think about how serene it is to watch hair float upward in water or the simplicity that comes from underwater life it’s calming (at least for me). Diving deep into life, feeling fluid, and embracing the differences in your world. Independence, elements, motion, flowing, innocence, and loveliness.
I’m also counting this as #51 from my 100 Ways To Be Creative list which is to “create a theme to follow for a whole day or week”!