#47 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to decorate a pair of cheap/plain shoes with something wonderful and tacky.
Almost two years ago I saw these shoes online and knew I had to make them. I loved them as heels, but I don’t wear heels, so I asked Janice for her shoe size. I went to Payless and bought some basic black heels, then stocked up on googly eyes and super glue.
I decorated about half of one shoe before my fingertips were completely covered in super glue, which isn’t a great feeling. I had to douse my fingers in nail polish remover and scrub-a-dub-dub. Every time I went back to do it the same thing happened, so I was always reluctant to work on them more. Over time I eventually finished and mailed them to Janice. She’s received the pink shoe box labeled “these are definitely not shoes”, so it’s safe to post about them!
Googly eyes should be an every day practice. I’m also almost done making a pair of flats for myself. When I finish those, I’m sure I’ll post a picture of me in them.