#99 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to have a meet up with other people who want to be creative and create a group project or just brainstorm.
To give a little background, I’m always interested in searching for local people who use sendsomething. Before my Fun A Day show, I sent out some postcards to invite people who might be interested. One of those people was Sailor. He came to my opening, but I just missed him. He wrote me a note and put it in the box where I was accepting addresses. I was so excited when I read it! He offered to meet up and collaborate on a public art project.
We exchanged e-mails, and after some coordinating, we decided to meet on a Sunday at Red Emma’s, a book store I’d heard a lot about, and driven by dozens of times, but had never been in. While I waited for Sailor to arrive, I looked at their collection. They had some really interesting books, including subjects I’m very interested in like street art and guerrilla gardening.
I really enjoyed talking to Sailor (his real name, by the way!), we talked about jobs, past art projects, and ideas for future ones. He had done an art party back in Asheville, and I was definitely up for throwing another one here in Baltimore. We came up with a time and some plans for the party. And we’d love if you could come!
So this brainstorm turned into something tangible, which will ultimately result in another meet up of creative people. I’m very excited about it. Collaborating with like minded people is a really great way to live.
Sailor (not the random guy in the background)
Red Emma’s entrance
Have you ever have a meet up with the intent to be creative?
Have you ever had an art party?