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How To Decorate Your Car

If you’re lucky enough, having a car is already pretty amazing. It gets you from Point A to Point B in a comfortable manner where you can blast yourself with air conditioning, run fresh wind through your hair, and jam out to your favorite playlists. As long as you don’t have to drive through water, your car can get you pretty much anywhere, as long as you have enough gas. However, if you don’t have yet and plan to buy one, you will need to read up-to-date car news, car reviews, and car buying guides before you make your purchase.

Part of living a colorful and creative life is taking advantage of opportunities to make the mundane magical. Having a car isn’t mundane, obviously, but your standard car might be a little boring. There’s no reason you can’t spice things up and get fancy! Today I’m going to show you how to

Hang something from your rear-view mirror

There are plenty of things you can hang from your rear-view mirror without being obnoxious or obstructing your view. This is something you’re always going to see, so make it something you won’t get sick of looking at, although you can always change it out!

Ideas: *ย tassels * prisms * friendship bracelets * novelty air fresheners *mini stuffed animals *dream catchers * leis * fuzzy dice * key chains * Mardi Gras beads

Pin things to the fabric

There’s usually a good amount of fabric in your car that you can use to pin things. You can take advantage of the fabric on your headrests, armrests, and even the thing bits on your doors!

Ideas: * pin back pins * brooches * safety pins decorated with beads

Decorate Your Car | Uncustomary

Create something interactive for your riders

Riding in the backseat isn’t usually someone’s first choice, there’s a reason people argue over who called “Shotgun!” first. Make the riding experience in your backseat something more enjoyable (insert that’s what she said sex joke nudge). Usually one or both of your front seats will have a pocket on the back, and if not you can buy attachable pouches for them. Use these pockets for backseat entertainment!

Ideas: * disposable camera * journal/pen * Rubix cube * Car Bingo * funny books like I Spy

Decorate Your Car | Uncustomary

Decorate Your Car | Uncustomary

Stick stuff to your dashboard

Your dashboard is a highly under-utilized, large space in your car. It’s really just empty surface area, so add some flavor to it!

Ideas: * bobble head/hula dancers * rhinestones * (3D) stickers * fake mustaches * pom poms * LED wire

Decorate Your Car | Uncustomary

Make things more comfortable (and colorful)

Being in your car, especially for long periods of time, can be a bit of a drag. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who gets Car Butt. Think about getting some fancy seat covers (or thin blankets), steering wheel covers, gear shift cozies, or head rest cozies to make your driving experience more cushy and enjoyable.


Every car is different, so take a look around inside your vehicle. Can you pin things to your _? Can you add stickers to the mirrors? Can you tie ribbons to your headrest poles or the ‘Oh Shit’ handles? Can you put stickers on the paneling? Do you have those little superfluous windows like I do in between your driver’s window and windshield that you could cover in glitter? Can you get an attachable vase for your air vents that you can place fake flowers in?

Decorate Your Car | Uncustomary

Don’t forget the outside!

Decorating the inside of your car is super creative, and it’s for the enjoyment of you and your passengers. It’s still fun to make the outside of your car fun too, though!

Ideas: * magnets * stickers * decals * antenna boppers * eyelashes for your headlights * giant mustaches for the grill *swinging things for the tow hitch of your car (if it has one) like dancing deer or faux boat motors * seasonal effects, like turning your car into a reindeer

Decorate Your Car | Uncustomary

Turn your car into an Art Car

Don’t forget you can always go buck wild and turn your car into an art car! You can paint on it, glue things to it, or even turn it into something interactive like a chalkboard car that people can write and draw on! The sky is the limit!

As an extra, get yourself a free printable download of Car Bingo to play in the car with your friends!

Bonus: Get a free PDF download of Car Bingo!

Questions for the comments:
Is your car decorated now?
What would you do to your car if you could?