#52 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to make variable and attainable goal lists. I think this is something I do a pretty good job at. I had a timeline of New Year’s Day till my birthday (tomorrow) for my 2013 goals. So now it’s time to do a recap.
I completed 12 out of the 15 goals I set for myself for the first six months of this year. The ones I didn’t finish were: – losing weight – finishing my 100 Ways list -completing Michelle’s writing prompts.
I’ve created a new list to be completed by my next (26th) birthday. There are 19 things on the list as of right now, and if I think of more to add, I will. You can see the full list tomorrow!
My 100 Ways list is 92% finished. I’m proud of myself. There are eight things left to do, and I’m going to give myself till the end of August to do them. With the heart and tooth aches I’ve experienced in the past couple months, I feel good about the progress that I’ve made. Could I have done more? Absolutely. That’s always the answer. We can always do more. But, I want to recognize what I have done, and feel good about it.
I tend to never do well with weight loss goals. My plan for the next year is to create an activity goal for exercising, versus a weight loss goal. If I go to the gym one hundred times in 365 days, I’m sure to lose weight. But the focus is on the exercise, not the numbers dropping from a scale. I’m hoping that this outlook changes my results and attitude.
I made a tally mark sheet to document my trips to the gym.
Michelle‘s Christmas gift of a writing prompt kit is one of the most thoughtful presents I’ve ever received. She did a very good job with creating manageable tasks and providing inspiration. The truth is that I haven’t made writing enough of a priority this year, so far, and it’s still kind of intimidating to me. But I still have everything left for this year, plus all the things I haven’t completed yet, and I’m going to keep working on it.
As far as things I did do, I would like to point out that I really enjoyed the “weekly” tasks. Not logging onto Facebook or only drinking water for a week were really good challenges for me. I definitely recommend these types of goals, and I’ve also included one on my next goal list.
Overall, I think I did a good job of living in spite of emotional turbulence. It’s important to have big goals as well as small ones. Flying a kite is a bit easier than being in an art show, but they can both be fun. And sometimes you need to be able to do the small things to build your confidence for the more elaborate tasks.If you have goal lists that you’re working on, I would love to see them. I appreciate the support I’ve received on my progress and I hope you enjoy what I get into over the next year.