#45 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list is to document one of your senses throughout the entire day. I chose hearing. I would like to say that this is a pretty big task, and there is absolutely no way I could have documented everything that I heard. One of the great things about sensory stimuli is that they are constant. We aren’t always aware of them, but they’re there. And we’re lucky that they’re there.
The point of this activity was to make myself more conscious of my senses. It was somewhat hard to describe certain “ordinary” sounds without just saying what was happening. I’d really love to see anyone else’s lists, especially if you chose another sense. I think smell would be really interesting to do.
Here are some of the sounds that I heard yesterday:+ crashing of my Dad dropping the trash cans outside
+ whoosh and gurgle of the toilet flushing
+ cascade of water filling up the washing machine
+ muffled slam of car doors shutting down the block
+ ripping and tearing of my blanket from being stuck in the couch bed
+ repetitive machine-sounding beep from the microwave
+ click clack of my laptop keyboard
+ Bug’s high pitched meow and chirping
+ Bug’s paw patter pounding down the stairs
+ crunching of food in my mouth
+ popped crack of my neck
+ irritating ongoing high-pitched squeaks of the Metro escalators
+ giggling laughter of the only other people waiting for the train
+ train blowing past, whipping wind into my face
+ thudding percussion of Oh Land
+ dinging notification of a text message
+ air tunneling through my cracked car window
+ tumble of driving over uneven pavement
+ crackle of pushing in plastic of a water bottle
+ thud of my phone falling to the bottom of my purse
+ rumbling whir of motors
+ robotic woman voice on the GPS
+ eerily human robot voice over the loudspeaker on the Metro
+ gentle gliding of the doors sliding open
+ annoying screeching of train brakes
+ crunching of pebbles beneath my shoes
+ slurping of me swallowing saliva
+ garbled instructions of the conductor
+ quiet roar of tens of people milling about a gift shop
+ clacking of stones as they fall back into the bin
+ sliding swoosh of informational index cards
+ whooshing dispense of Coca Cola from the fountain
+ obnoxious wailing of a child
+ shuffling sounds of snot from cold weather
+ clicking of camera shooting a picture
+ intermittent chirping of a bell somewhere upstairs
+ sticky staticy sliding of my fingers along plastic board
+ unexpected “hey” of Michelle, behind my shoulder, surprising me on the Metro
+ crinkle of wrapping paper
+ tearing of scotch tape
+ crisp shearing of scissors on paper
+ dull comfy thud of dropping my laptop on the couch cushion