I think it’s extremely important to recognize the things we do. This time of year, lots of people are thinking about what they want to accomplish. We set goals and deadlines, map out things in our planners, and try to get organized. I fully support these actions, but hold on for just a second! Didn’t you do this at the beginning of last year, too? You did. And you lived a beautiful life for the past twelve months. I want you to think of all the great things you did in 2013, and really acknowledge how fantastic you are!

Here is an incomplete list of the things I accomplished in 2013:

Participated in the Fun A Day Art Show by doing a street art installation every day for a month
Completed 26 Random Acts Of Kindness
Gave gifts to my coworkers for holidays
Wrote a list of 100 things that make me happy
Ate alone in restaurants
Commissioned a caricature of myself
Built a fort
Threw an un-birthday party
Introduced multiple people to Graffiti Alley
Ate something called a Hobo Banquet
Rode a mechanical bull

Spoke about street art on the local news
Participated in an unconference
Flew a kite
Drank only water for a week
Collaborated on a panel for Knit The Bride
Saw Knit The Bridge in person
Met tons of new people who are wonderful and creative humans
Stayed off Facebook for a whole week
Helped a knitting group organize their first yarnbomb
Measured a light rail station with a banana
Got my picture taken with the Easter Bunny, Santa, and The Peanut Gallery
Shot two Human Rainbow photoshoots
Organized a talent show
Had my dad’s book dedicated to me

Danced in a gazebo
Drove slowly behind runners while blasting “Eye Of The Tiger”
Had two picnics; one art, one food
Attended local events like the Sculpture Race, Food Truck Wars, Honfest, Artscape
Put Hoobastank on the bar jukebox
Went to an Artbomb Party
Surveyed strangers on pointless topics
Had a tooth removed
Got a mermaid tattoo
Visited Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Austin, Salt Lake City, Atlantic City, & Pittsburgh
Decorated a bus stop shelter with my friends in Illinois
Met a dozen new penpals in person
Attended an Arrested Development themed get together
Performed a mermaid ritual
Participated in International Yarnbombing Day by making my tree a rainbow
Danced to “Wagon Wheel” in bars at least three times
Handled a break up in my own way
Participated in multiple drumming circles

Ate gas station tacos off the hood of a jeep
Quit my day job
Experienced mind altering chemicals, such as Oxy
Cussed out Ric Flair
Danced with gay guys on a pirate boat to 90s music
Created my own studio
Had a water balloon fight (which I lost terribly)

Exposed many new friends to the most obscene song I know
Twerked with friends till 6 am
Drank $100 tequila
Decided to stop wearing pants for good
Started my blog’s Facebook page
Watched fireworks from my front yard and the top of Main Street
Started the dancing
Rode in a hot air balloon
Spread magic on a street corner
Baked googly eye cookies and made googly eye shoes
Saw Jukebox The Ghost and Eve 6 live
Channeled Ke$ha
Wore a mermaid fin
Started a monthly mailing service
Rode on a carousel

Yarnbombed a basement at an art party
Added glitter to a pineapple
Touched a waterfall
Swam in a pool at night, pretending I was a mermaid
Rented a car and stayed in a hotel alone
Attended the Blogcademy
Hugged Gala Darling
Had a meeting in an IKEA office
Stood in the Atlantic Ocean with a curling iron and wore a unicorn mask
Completed the 30 Days Of Lists challenge
Swam in the ocean at 3 am in most of my clothes
Started hosting monthly community events
Participated in the Experimental Arts Tour
Attended the Correspondence Salon at the Postal Museum
Tried painting for the first time
Honored a Day Of Compassion
Received a teddy bear from an Elvis impersonator
Went bowling
Picked apples
Danced to the Monster Mash with monster gloves
Hula hooped and jump roped at night in the city
Saw a magic show

Blew up 60 balloons in my room and then later installed them on a soccer net
Caught 11:11 on 11/11
Went on dates
Saw a burlesque show
Partied with my giant stuffed bear
Got arrested
Had dinner at Sheetz with my best friend
Sold my first digital product
Got a letter from a secret admirer
Covered myself in temporary tattoos
Built a gingerbread house
Played hopscotch in a crosswalk
Got humped by a Santa stripper
Swam in a ball pit

I’d love to read your list! See last year’s list.