Some of you may have seen my status on Facebook last night. It would appear, that people with jobs don’t like to go out on Wednesday nights. It’s a very interesting phenomenon. So I stayed in, and I put glitter on a pineapple.
My dad had asked me earlier if I needed anything special from the grocery store, and I said “a pineapple”. So I bedazzled it. It might not be that obvious, because I used glitter of a similar color scheme, but there’s a ton of glitter on there, I assure you.
How do I know for sure, though? Because I ate it. Apparently it’s difficult to cut a pineapple covered in glitter. I figured it would be like dyeing Easter eggs… you decorate your food, and then you eat it. I guess the main difference is that food dye is edible and glitter isn’t supposed to be.
The good news is, though, that if eating glitter was poisonous, I’m sure I’d be dead. Well, in small increments, that is. (Don’t forget about edible glitter!)
Can you see all the glitter? Hahah. Reckless abandon.
Don’t worry, though. I counteracted any negative nonsense by wearing a pineapple dress while I ate it. Bug likes the smell of pineapple, but is not interested in it as a food.
So, the moral of the story is… put glitter on everything and don’t blame me if you have to get it sucked out of your lungs.
(This isn’t my driveway.)
And for good measure, the Facebook status: