One of my goals for 2013 was to drink nothing but water for an entire week. To be clear I wasn’t only consuming water.. I ate food. But in terms of liquids, I only had water. No soda, no juice, no Gatorade, no alcohol.
The first day was the worst. I had a really awful migraine, which I assume was from caffeine withdrawal. Once I got over that hump, though, it was pretty okay. I felt more hydrated, definitely, and it gives room for more calories with food!
My week was up as Sunday turned to Monday, and in the morning I treated myself to a root beer. Since then, I’ve only had one more non-water beverage: a Dr. Pepper Ten. So, I think it’s slightly weened me off non-water drinks… for the time being.
Have you ever done a week of water or a week without something else? What about cleanses?


I don’t think I could handle a week long cleanse, but it sounds interesting and somewhat beneficial.