One of my goals for the first half of 2013, was to do three elaborate yarnbombing projects. I’ve already posted about the pyramid and the rainbow tree, so now it’s time to talk about Knit The Bridge.
Basically, a group of awesome people have decided to yarnbomb the Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh. They called for the submission of panels in specific sizes. I decided to see if any of my coworkers would want to contribute, and a lot of them did! Everyone who wanted to participate made a 17 by 17 inch square, and then I knitted them all together.
(Before I mailed it in, I had everyone stand behind the finished panel to take a picture.)
One of the three squares I knitted used the purple yarn that Nannie left behind. I feel really good about using that up on this project. She was from Pittsburgh, and I know she would have loved yarnbombing. I regret not starting this hobby before she died. But now she gets to be a part of a really incredible project.
Follow their Facebook page for awesome updates, and if you’re feeling generous.. contribute!
You can also make some railings for the project, if you know how to knit or crochet! They’re accepting them until July 15th.
I will definitely update again once the project is complete. Until then, this picture of Sarah wearing the panel as a blanket will have to suffice.