Every year, the American Visionary Art Museum sponsors a kinetic sculpture race. This basically means people create giant float-like sculptures that are powered by people bicycling (or walking), and they race. They go right down the street along with cars, through an obstacle course, and even in the water.
Since I found out about it, I hadn’t been able to go. This year, I made it happen. I actually set up an interactive table, similar to Small Things Museum, along the race route. Not many people stopped to hang out with me, since most people were physically following the race. But, I did hang out with a little girl who was pretty cool. (And for me to say that a child is cool means a lot.) She cheered on the race with my noise makers.
So here are some of the pictures I was able to take of the beautiful and colorful sculptures as they rode by.
You can see more pictures that are being uploaded to Flickr here.
Which one is your favorite?