When I was in fifth grade, the guidance counselor sat me down with another student, and asked if I had any ideas for the school. I immediately said that I would love to have everyone dress up in a color from head to toe, and for us to make a rainbow.
So one day, my entire elementary school went out to the playground, made a rainbow, and a man from the Gazette took our photo from the roof. We made the front page.
A few years ago, at my (old) job, I decided that I wanted to recreate it. We did it in the cafeteria. Earlier this year, we did an updated version in the back field. I have no idea where the newspaper is from 1998, and I can’t share the photos from work for legal reasons, so I decided that I wanted to do another one.
Today, people that I knew and people I had never met before, met me on top of Federal Hill Park. I put everyone in color order, and climbed on top of the ladder. A lady in fuchsia asked me about the balloons that I had still sitting by my table. “!!” I had forgotten about the balloons. But not to worry, they made it in the picture. 🙂

I love that with a group this large there’s no way to get a “perfect” photo, so all of these have a lot of character. Everyone is happy and doing their own thing, and I love it. And look at that beautiful Baltimore view in the background!