I crossed off another thing from my goal list! Yay!I’ve had these edible eye-shaped cake decorations for a long time now, and I really wanted to put them on cookies. If you know me, you know that I am absolutely horrible at cooking, baking, and anything in the kitchen. I can barely use the microwave. So even though cookies are delicious, and decorating them is really fun, I needed help to do it.

Charlotte, Jenn, and I joined forces in Charlotte’s kitchen to make some beautiful treats. If I’m being honest, Charlotte basically did everything. Jenn supervised me, I danced, and Charlotte mixed the batter. I did choose the colors we dyed the batter and icing, and made the dollops on the pan that would soon grow into cookies.

And those cookies were what we would create a mess on. This yellow cookie with a million eyes was everyone’s favorite, a creation by Jenn. But we did a lot of fun stuff.

[The baking process]

[The decorating process]

[The eating process]

What’s your favorite decorating supply for baked goods? Icing, sprinkles, those sugar shaped Disney characters?