Update: I bought a mermaid fin. You know, to wear. I literally ran in the house the day that I picked it up from the post office. My dad said he hadn’t seen me that happy in a long time.
It wasn’t what I was expecting, to be honest. I thought I’d be able to stand in it, but the fin is extremely rigid, which makes it next to impossible to do so. I’m also a little too tall for it, but I think if I lose enough weight that I can get it on comfortably. So we’re going to call the rest of 2013 The Mermaid Diet.
Did I still put it on to the best of my ability and sit in it in the tub? Yes.
Did I let the tub drain and then take pictures of it? Yes.
I also wore the purple bra that I bought for an Ariel costume a few Halloweens ago.
[This is what it would be like if mermaids had Myspace.]
And after a long day of mermaiding, sometimes you need to hang up your fin.

You might recall, from my Mermaid Tattoo post, that mermaids/Ariel represent
exploration, magic, and beauty
to me. So having this fin is pretty important.
It’s a good symbol of transformation during this time of my life.