Today is a special day, because it’s my first link-up! I contacted my friends to see if anyone was interested in joining me on the topic of celebrating, so you guys can get as much perspective on this topic as possible. If you made an applicable post, feel free to join in! Be sure to click through and see what these wonderful humans have shared!

So what did I do? I bought two big bags of balloons and an air pump and got to work on my bedroom floor. I used the pump so much that I actually broke it, and once my dad saw how many more balloons I planned on blowing up (about eighty), he called the pump breaking “an act of god”. It was really wonderful to slowly watch my room get more full of balloons, color, and happiness.

Eventually, I got to playing. I got my lollipop wand, sequined tunic, and rolled around in the colorful chaos.

Obviously, Bug wasn’t going to sit out on the action. He likes Mylar balloons a lot, but is really confused by latex.

The tie dye balloons look really pretty, even when they’re not inflated.

So much fun!

Ten of you should also have envelopes in your mailboxes with a tie dye balloon inside! I thought I would spread the celebration to my friends, even if they aren’t in the link-up!

What are you celebrating today??

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