Sometimes I just cut out shapes from pretty paper. I never really had a plan for the pile of colorful shapes I’ve accumulated, but recently, I decided to paste them all to a poster. In the middle of the poster, I put the word “Magic”, which is probably my favorite word.
As soon as it was done, I knew that I wanted to hold it up on the corner. I carried it around in my trunk for a while, and the other day I finally did it.
While I was standing there, a guy slowed down and I had a really cool conversation.
Guy: “Where’s the magic??”
Me: “Everywhere!”
Guy: “I’m serious!”
Me: “Me too.”
Until this point, I definitely hadn’t considered that people might think that I was advertising a magic show. Regardless, I stand by my statement. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Just for fun, here are some really old pictures of me holding up signs on the side of the road.
“Honk if you’re happy”
(I stayed until I got 100 honks.)
Have you ever held up a sign on the side of the road? Even for a car wash?