Last month, Erika (who I met at the Fun A Day opening) recommended me to the knitting group at the University of Baltimore. I went to one of their meetings and we talked about yarnbombing, planned what they were going to do, and of course.. knit! They are a very nice group of girls.
Their idea was to create a vine with leaves and flowers and string it along a pole that used to be a parking sign. The pole is right outside of the building they meet in. One of the girls had an i-cord machine, and everyone contributed to making flowers and leaves (I even made some leaves!).
Last week, I came back to help them install. I wanted them to do most of it, because installing your first yarnbomb is a really fun experience.

This was definitely an install that required two people (and a chair!), and they worked really well as a team. I loved photographing their work.
Here are some pictures of the final product.


The flowers are super cute, and I like that the pole is originally green. It totally works. 🙂
Shanna & Domonique: two proud ladies
(This can be seen on Mount Royal Avenue, near the intersection of Maryland Avenue.)
Now go join a knitting group and yarnbomb something!