The day after Christmas, I sent out my yearly newsletter. It contained a list of things that I did this year, and now I will share them here. These are the things that I considered to be important, and many of them I remembered after reading my happy journal (which I absolutely recommend you begin in January!). They aren’t really in any order at all. I’ve had a great year… probably the best one since I’ve been an adult.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012. I really hope you take time to reflect on what you accomplished in the last twelve months, and what you want to do with your life for the next twelve. If you have recap or goal posts, please link me to them. Also.. what are you doing for New Year’s Eve?? Matt and I are going to see Louis CK in Baltimore. We’re pretty excited.

In 2012 I…
+ visited Baltimore 50+ times
graduated from college
+ celebrated 6 years with Matt
+ participated in a flash mob
+ got promoted to Assistant Manager
+ did The Color Run
+ attended two letter writing socials and one card writing party
+ went to Artscape and the Pet Parade
+ started blogging almost every day and made great blog friends
+ went to a Butoh performance
+ attended the Candy Chang lecture
+ slept at a cowboy ranch
+ did a Halloween scavenger hunt
+ drank at an Edgar Allen Poe themed bar
+ fed ducks
+ saw The Upright Citizens Brigade touring show
+ danced to “Call Me Maybe” in a work talent show (that I organized)
+ experienced Blingo (fast paced Bingo)
+ knitted and drank wine in a jewelry shop
+ sang Wilson Phillips at karaoke
+ got Dominos to make me a 666 pizza for Matt for Valentine’s Day
+ ate alone in restaurants
+ held hands on a pier
+ climbed a staircase that leads to nowhere
+ gambled+ got a passport+ played board games in a bar
+ watched fireworks while listening to Christmas music
+ used the men’s bathroom and a cop was standing outside when I exited
+ ate rainbow cake and edible glitter
+ met 5+ penpals in person
+ installed 15+ yarnbombings, including a bench and a tree
+ created a street art alias
+ visited the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia and Ann Marie Gardens in southern Maryland
+ visited the Enchanted Forest and the Postal Museum
+ visited Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada for the first time
+ drove to Canada and left the country for the first time
+ made a list of 100 Ways To Be Creative
+ made my own Halloween costumes
+ poured glitter on my feet
+ completed my 365 project
+ made a time capsule to open when I’m 30
+ released balloons into the sky (one with a note)
+ had a photoshoot with balloon bouquets outside
+ collected my coworkers six word life stories
+ made two blackout poems
+ got to page 50 in my quotebook
+ received an overwhelming amount of wonderful mail from awesome people
+ symbolically adopted a tumbleweed; named him Jerry
+ got my hair highlighted bright red and then purple
+ bought a salsa dancer hair clip at a deli for $2
+ wore a horse mask
+ bought a gourd (and painted it)
+ got a new laptop
+ started Mary Mail e-mails
+ truthfully told my old therapist that I didn’t need his services anymore
+ wrote a personal manifesto
+ experienced Fall without being a student for the first time