Something I’ve always wanted to do was to be in a flash mob. This urge only intensified once I found the lovely life of Color Me Katie and her passionate love for street art. Fortunately, last Friday I met someone who was supposed to be in a flash mob the next day but couldn’t go because of a wedding. She forwarded me the dance instructions and the next morning I taught myself the dance and put on a brightly colored shirt and zip off hoodie over top (as requested) and headed to Nordstrom in Annapolis mall.

They took us in the back to the employee break room and divided us into groups which determined when we would break into the routine and what area we’d shop in. We pretended to shop with an empty Nordstrom bag until the overhead music stopped and the dance song started playing and we all jumped into the main aisle by the escalators and did the dance. It was really a fun thing to do. I liked the people who were there and the energy.

The dance was orchestrated through Premier gym’s Zumba class and was coordinated with a launching of a new athletic clothing line by Nordstorm. The article someone pointed out to me has some buzz kill comments but I don’t even care! It was really awesome and I don’t regret a second of it.

Here’s the video. You can’t really see me, I’m in the back left hand side wearing an orange shirt. I’m just glad to be in it!

Have you been in a flash mob? Would you want to be? What’s your favorite one you’ve seen?