Something on my 2012 goal list was to get to page 40 in my personal quote book. After visiting April and Jes in Chicago in 2010, I loved all of the books April had on her shelf filled with things teachers, friends, and famous people had said. I decided to keep one. I’m honestly still not that great about remembering to write things down, but I’m in the 50s now, in terms of page number, so I’ve definitely met this goal.

I really like that I have a mix of famous sayings said by people that most people know of with things my dad said in the car and characters said on TV. In these pictures you can see quotes from my coworkers, twitter personalities, Christopher Neiman, Ernest Hemingway, myself, Post Secret cards, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, pen pals, and Pam Beasley from The Office. I keep them all in this lime Moleskine.
Do you keep your favorite quotes anywhere? What quote are you particularly loving right now?